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Drawings and Paintings by Tadashi Hayakawa

by Louinn Lota

Garden of Spirit: Harmony, 1999
Mixed media on plywood, 48" x 36"

"My use of black and white complements my focus on life's paradoxes—the ying/yang of life," Hayakawa said. "All of my artwork is an expression of my awe toward the power of spirit, my excitement toward the force of nature, my astonishment and admiration at the strength and desire of all living things to survive and reproduce."

The birth of his daughter profoundly inspired the artist's work. That vision is evident in his works of color: "Harmony," (mixed media on plywood) "Prelude," (mixed media on canvas) "Departure," (mix media on canvas) and "Wishing Tree," (mix media on canvas) all completed in 1999.

"Inspiration for my work comes from the deep emotions generated in me by my daughter's birth," Hayakawa said. "Her birth was filled with mystery and

Garden of Spirit: Myth, 1999
Mixed media on plywood, 48" x 36"

beauty. This experience connected me to the palpalbe and mysterious act of creation and to the spiritual force behind all creation, behind all living things."

The birth reminded him of life's powerful yin/yang paradoxes—joy/pain, strength/fragility, and clarity/mystery.

The Garden of Spirit will remind us all again that life-making always surrounds us even if we choose to debase, ignore and take it for granted, but that we should be in awe of it.

May 2000
Louinn Lota writes about the arts for an international news agency


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